We provide an academic solution for 70 students a year. The best way to prepare students for life in the adult world is to give them a sense of adult responsibilities. That requires special resources focused on providing academic, social and emotional training to address the needs of gifted or challenged students that aren’t always met in traditional high schools.

The Plaza Academy removes the barriers that elicit oppositional or rebellious behaviors and builds genuine enthusiasm for learning. We do this by encouraging our students to be socially and academically responsible while monitoring and guiding their progress. Of those students, approximately half are gifted or talented, some having learning disabilities and others have outgrown traditional academic environments.

Family involvement is an essential element of the learning process. Parent conferences insure that students and parents understand our curriculum. Progress reports play a motivational role by helping students understand and fulfill their academic and social responsibilities. Their progress is monitored and reported to parents daily,providing them with an ongoing record of their teen’s accomplishments.

Counseling services provide for the needs of parents and students alike. This ongoing personal attention improves our students’ responses to schoolwork and helps them communicate their successes to their parents. Our counseling program encourages families to participate in their teenager’s learning about their roles in school, at home and in the community.

Classwork is the core of The Plaza Academy education. Our Liberal Arts program prepares students for the rigors of university coursework and our social milieu prepares them for adulthood. Class sessions of 50 minutes are divided into thirds: lecture, a group exercise and a tutorial session comprise each class. This daily tutoring allows us to teach to each student’s academic ceiling.

Teachers at The Plaza Academy are state certified and have completed internships in special education. Our staff is selected based on their scholarship, mastery of their content areas and their demonstration of patience, empathy and commitment to the education of teenagers.

Adolescent group counseling covers topics that range from current events to activities that encourage critical thinking and debate. As our teens mature, they become confident public speakers as they participate in this weekly activity.

Educational success awaits those who are discouraged in traditional schools. Teenagers discover a comfortable educational environment wherein their peers are enthusiastic about learning, they are supportive of their teachers and they embrace the mission of the school.

The Plaza Academy’s curriculum, as well as the performance of our students, has been praised by the media and the scientific community. The Plaza Academy has appeared on the cover of the Kansas City Business Journal, and featured in Corporate Report, Kansas City Live, The Kansas City Star, and Sun newspapers.

We are Accredited by AdvancEd